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Necklace Lengths

The length of your necklace is the most important feature when you are picking it up, because it decides the kind of charm you should go for, or if you should buy it at all! Stick with us and this article because we are going to tell you everything you need to know about how long or short your necklace should be.

Necklace chain length

Necklace chain lenght

Many people don’t give too much thought to the fact that the necklace’s length is extremely important on the overall look, because sometimes it doesn’t matter if you adore the necklace, sometimes it’s better to choose one that will actually fits you and will make you look perfect.

You might be wondering which is the big deal around all of this, but it’s all due the fact that the necklace’s length must be chosen according to your height, purpose for the necklace, your overall body weight, the mass in your body, and the place you want to highlight or don’t draw too much attention to.

For example, if you choose the 14 inch necklace or even up to the 16 inch necklace you have to be very careful for your neck’s actual length and for this you must know how to measure it with a soft band for this purpose. But we’ll give you more information about this up next.

How to measure necklace length and your neck

Necklace size

Before we get to the actual deal let’s talk about you first, and how you are able to know the process behind the measurement of a necklace; besides, how to measure your neck to pick properly this accessory when buying online.

First, the process to measure a necklace is basically using a soft measuring tape or band, whatever is around and you have an easy access to. After you get it, you must start to measure it when the clasp ends and keep along the length until reaching the end of the necklace without counting the clasp again. This is a very important process to know if you are buying a necklace, because usually the clasp is not taken as a measurement for the length in general.

When it comes to measure your neck you have to use the same soft measuring tape or band, and wrap it around your neck. Make sure to round your neck with it and don’t let it be suffocating, just take the size where it fits and you feel comfortable with it.

Now, to that size you got from your neck, you have to add a few inches. For example, if you had as a result a 14 inch length, then you better go for a 16 inch necklace, or even 15 inches, but you have to be careful because necklaces often sell in even numbers rather than odds.

Necklace length chart

necklace length chart

The chart for a necklace’s length is pretty easy to use, and it’s useful to guide yourself through all the variety of necklaces that are out there. Most of them determinate the style the necklace has and even the clothes you should wear it with.

14 inches stands for a tight choker.

16 inches stands for a choker as well, but it’s a little bit looser. To give you a further idea, this one falls on the base of your neck.

18 inches stands for a necklace that reaches your collarbone.

20 inches stands for a necklace that falls a little below of your collarbone.

22 inches stands for a necklace that suits you on the top of the bust, and below the neckline.

24 inches stands for a necklace that is in between the bust, and above your sternum

30 to 34 stands for a necklace that falls below your bust and it’s supposed to be a layered necklace with no clasp at all.

40 inches and so on for a necklace falls in your navel, and will need to wrap around your neck several times for multiples layers.

All of these sizes follow the same instructions as stated before, and you have to know that for your necklace to fit you, you have to be honest with your measurement and evaluate it before making up your mind! But don’t worry, we even got you cover if you are still doubting on what you want. Because a few things you have to take into account when picking up a necklace is where you want it and if it will actually look good on you. To know more about this, keep reading what’s next!

Average necklace length for women and men

Chain sizes

When it comes to men and necklaces you have less sizes, but the most common one is the 20 inch necklace that falls in the collarbone because you can style them out with some v-neck shirts. But the other sizes are available from 18 inches up to 24 inches and follow the same place as women’s measurement.

The most common necklace length for women is all about the 18 inches and 20 inches. The main reason behind it is because they’re suitable for most people with any kind of complexion on their faces, or the purpose they are giving to it.

Up next you’ll see more specific the kind of lengths there are and how they can work with you and your style, besides with your body type as well.

It’s important that you are aware if you have more body fat or you don’t have a flat chest, then we recommend for short necklaces, because the longest one are going to be a bother and won’t fluid naturally as if you have a flat chest or are have a small complexion.

14 inch necklace up to 16 inch necklace

The 14 inch necklaces have the style of a very tight choker, so you have to be careful with them. They are not recommended for those with a round shape when it comes to your face structure. And if you are short, around 5ft to 5ft4inch then the best is to keep away from them.

But when we talk about the 16 inch necklaces, then they are safe choice if you want a comfy choker, and they’re often tight enough to keep in place but not so much to be able to actually harm you. They follow the same guidelines to use it with your clothing, and they look amazing with almost anything but a sweater or turtleneck because it will clash these different styles in your neck.

Another advice we can give you about wearing chokers, is the fact that you can look up the material of the pendant, because as it’ll be near your neck it’s important to have a light component so it won’t hurt you! Besides, it’s important as well to know what the chain or band is made out of.

And never forget that when measuring and picking up your perfect size, you have to follow the rule of the thumb (your thumb has to fix between your necklace and your neck). So add the extra size to make sure you can walk around with the most comfortable choker in the world! That’s how you’ll never get a surprise when buying for one for that special event!

18 inch necklace up to 20 inch necklace

These sizes are the average for necklaces in general, and they are from your collarbones up to above your sternum. They are easy to stylish and look great in almost any face shape. Most of the clothing have an opening in this area, thus it is fun to match them up with all of those pieces of clothing you wish.

These necklaces are great for summer weather, if you want to wear the bigger ones. But if you wish to use those small and endearing necklaces then they’re perfect for winter or autumn; nonetheless, they are not a good match with turtleneck either, so you’ll rather use them indoors with dresses or blouses.

And as our final words to you about these accessories, it’s important that if you have some body fat, or don’t have a flat chess. You can use these necklaces and they’ll fit like a glove to your complexion because you’ll draw attention to your chest area and will have a lot of room to play with the rest of your style, allowing it to look fluid gorgeous and elegant!

24 inch necklace up to 35 inch necklace

We got to the fun part! The long necklaces have a purpose to be that way, but before we get into that it’s important to look on how you can stylish the kilometrical accessories. First, they’re great for tall people because it enhances their long figure and makes it more elegant.

They’re great if you have a small complexion or have a flat chest, because they’ll flow beautifully along your outfit. You can wear them perfectly with a great variety of clothing except dresses. And the sizes of the pendants or others accessories will vary according to what you rather wear.

But, it’s extremely important for you to be aware that these necklaces often do not have a clasp, and have layered look. Thus, you’ll have to pass them over your head and wrap them until you create multiple layers that will make an interesting accessory.

There are necklaces, like the 24 inch one, that you can wear without wrapping it around your head many times, and do have a clasp. The thing with these long accessories is that they’re usually great with closed clothing like sweaters or turtlenecks because it allows a great flow of the style.

Chain sizes and pendants

The length of your necklace is extremely important when picking up pendants, because if you pick a very big choker and your face doesn’t fit the oval structure then it can get a little bit rough on your final look. But of course, if you want to wear it, then go ahead and rock your own style!

But keeping up with the subject, the pendants are a big deal when it comes to the length of the necklace, because if it’s a very long necklace then you have two choices most of the time:

  • You can get a big pendant, often with a religious meaning
  • You can get a bead necklace, and you will have to wrap it around your neck to make many layers of it.

The reason behind this is because it’s more esthetical than a small accessory that no one will be able to see it. Nonetheless, if the necklace is actually short or medium then pendants can go crazy!

That’s right, because it will depend on your taste what you’ll choose; and this is due the fact that the area between your collarbones and above your chest is highly fashionable for almost any kind of size for your pendants because that area receives a lot of attention from the eye, and it’s a default zone for necklaces.

Necklace size and the purpose of your accessory

Necklace length guide

The longest necklaces commonly are for those with a religious theme, because they’re closer to your heart. You can find these sizes in men and women’s necklaces and usually the manufacturers take this piece of information seriously when making their religious accessories.

So if you are planning to order a piece of jewelry with this theme, it’s important for you to be aware that you’ll find a pretty long necklace that will go below your sternum or a little higher but it won’t be near your collarbones.

A great thing about these accessories is the fact you can have them above or below your shirt, and they look good with sweaters or turtlenecks because they allow the flow of your clothing to continue and standing out in their own space near your chest.

If you enjoyed this list and found it useful make sure to revisit it everything you have to buy with us! It’s always useful because we rely on the information explained here to give you the exact measurement for you to get the best accessories as possible.