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Mood Rings Colors

Mood Rings Colors

In 1975 a new trend lighted up the market with a ring that shows a handful of colors that describe the mood of the person who wears it. Even though it looks like an outrageous idea, the creators of the ring Josh, Reynolds and Maris Ambats, managed to create a piece of jewelry which changes its colors regarding how you feel according the mood rings colors.

Needless to say, this ring became one of the most popular accessories back in the late 70’s. Since then, a lot of different versions of the ring came out. But all of them consist on the same fun idea that brought Americans and the entire world crazy for these pieces of jewelry.

The secret behind these unbelievable rings is the material they have: liquid crystals; this element is thermo chromic, meaning that it changes its color when it’s exposed to a different temperature, whether cold or hot; the crystals will twist and absorb the light waves. Resulting into various colors that are shown through the glass that protects the small fraction of the melted crystals.

What is the source of heat that makes the crystals change? Your body. To explain this further, when we feel angry or happy, our body starts to radiate heat; and the exact same opposite happens when we are feeling down or confused. Thus, the mood rings have a great variation of colors according to our mood, but what do they all mean?

Mood ring colors meaning

Let’s check out what are the mood ring colors meanings:

          Black mood ring color: when the ring turns black it means we are feeling down; especially under a large amount of stress. Our body at that point is tensed up and it’s feeling really tired. You can also get this color if you are feeling depressed or overworked. So hey! Look for your favorite thing and start changing that color!

          Grey mood ring color: if your liquid crystals are showing a grey color, then it means you are feeling threaten or sad. It’s not a common color to find in among the mood colors. But when it happens you must be aware of it. So you can start to think a way on getting out of the situation that makes you react that way. Remember to take care of yourself first!

          Brown mood ring color: similar to grey, brown shows in your crystal if you are feeling scared. But, you can also see it if you didn’t have a good night sleep. So make sure to sneak up a nap during your day to recover your energy again.

          Taupe mood ring color: if you are having this light brown color, then it’s time for you to start relaxing because it shows when you are feeling stressed. You can start practicing different breathing patters to start letting go some stress from your muscles.

          Cobalt blue mood ring color: are you about to start a party? Because out of the various shades in the mood ring colors meanings. This color only shows when you are feeling truly happy about a situation you are in. Keep those vibes going and spread around some happiness as well!

          Dark blue mood ring color: if you are in the middle of a date and everything is going great, you are going to get this color. The dark blue color means you are feeling romantic about something, or someone. Go ahead, and maybe use this to your advantage.

          Deep teal mood ring color: you are going to naturally get this color if you are working on something you love. Motivation and positive feelings are what you feel when this beautiful color pops up in your ring; to show the world how great you are feeling at the moment.

          Pleasing blue mood ring color: the relaxing vibes are what make this color show in the glass of your ring. If you are meditating, watching your favorite show, or spending an afternoon with your family, it’s pretty normal for you to get this elegant color that is part of the mood colors.

           Aquamarine blue mood ring color: when you meet someone new, and you like that person. You are most likely to get this cheerful color; the aquamarine blue represents the flirty feelings you get when you are trying to impress your love interest.

            Dark green mood ring color: this color is tricky when it comes to the mood ring colors meanings; because you are either relaxed or busy. That’s right, the reason behind this is the fact that the liquid crystals twist in a way you can have some dark colors going on. But at the same time manifest a green shade. So you better check out which can be your case, to make sure you know what you are feeling.

            Green mood ring color: plain green is one of the best colors you can get. Because it shows you are in a peaceful state, or just feeling normal. There is not too much going on, and you can start to use this feeling to lead up into something more exciting!

            Bluish green mood ring color: it means you are in a great state of relaxation. Good for you! Keep attending to your yoga classes and doing what you are doing. Because it is definitely working on you having a healthy mood state.

            Bright green mood ring color: you are the personification of energy! This color means you are feeling the pike of all of your energy. And that you are ready to start an activity that requires for you to use all of those feelings so you can nail it.

          Amber mood ring color: when you get this color, you better sit down and start to think about what is happening. Because this color means mixed emotions; so when you get it the best thing you can do is to start wondering what is making you feel that way and if it is good for you or not.

          Deep purple mood ring color: love is in the air, and the mood colors know it. The ring isn’t afraid to show your romantic side displaying a deep purple shade in it.  If you are planning a special event for your special someone, this color is exactly what everyone will see in your accessory.

          Reddish purple mood ring color: be careful with this color. When your ring shows a reddish purple it means you are agitated and feeling angry or desperate. Make sure to stand back and think about the situation before acting upon just your feelings.

           Bright pink mood ring color: this color is common when you are around people who you look up to, and appreciate dearly. The bright pink color means you are feeling affectionate, and thus you feel love. You can get this color if you are around your children, or with your close family.

           Deep red mood ring color: passion is what moves people into doing incredible things they never imagined they could achieve. And if you are feeling this way, then the deep red color is the one that will display in your mood ring.

          Bright red mood ring color: this one is another of those colors you have to be careful with; because it means you are feeling really strong emotions. The most representative ones are terror, excitement and that you are ready for an adventure. Take a step back and according to what you feel; and start thinking about a decision that will suit you and will help you out to get the best of yourself!

          Orange red mood ring color: maybe you had a difficult math class. Or your partner told you something that doesn’t add up; I state this because the orange red color means you are stressed out or confused. So you better start asking questions to get yourself out of your doubt.

          Dark orange mood ring color: the dark orange means you are feeling worried, or maybe a little tensed. At times when you feel like this the best thing to do is to think on how can you solve your current situation. And if you can’t then you might start wondering if it is worth worrying for it anyway.

           Yellowish orange mood ring color: when you get this color, it means you are feeling upset; the reason for this emotion often is associated with the sense of unfairness. The best thing you can do for you consist to look for the source of this emotion. And try to find a way to express how you feel if it is truly worth it.

           Yellow mood ring color: creative people out there will often have this color in their rings. The yellow color is associated with feeling creative. So if you see this in your finger, then it’s time to start creating your best art possible.

          Bright yellow mood ring color: look for a piece of paper, or try to out beat Socrates. Because the bright yellow color represents your mood when you are feeling poetic, or having deep thoughts about many issue. That’s why you can create wonderful things just by using your power of thought.

          White mood ring color: the color white means you are bored, confused or you don’t like something that just happened. It can make you feel dull, but it is not a positive energy to have. I recommend you to start trying to look for something to shake off those emotions and get some better ones to lift you up.


What does purple mean on a mood ring?

The color purple on a mood ring means you are feeling romantic and relaxed. Often times can also mean you are motivated, maybe by love. The funny thing about purple and its shade is that you have to be careful on the other colors that are mixed with it. Nonetheless, what does purple mean on a mood ring? There are plenty of shades of purple, right?

Let’s take as an example the color reddish purple: in order for the purple mood ring to become reddish, it needs the presence of a strong red underneath. Thus, it’ll mean you are having a strong emotion like anger; that even though is not at its full display, you are still feeling it and you have to take a step back to evaluate your situation and cool off.

But when it comes to a lighter shade of purple, like bright pink. Then it means that you are feeling love at its finest. This means you are in a good environment and undisturbed by negative emotions; you can induce this because of the lack of dark colors and the abundance of light colors that make possible the clear purple shade.

Purple Mood Ring

However, these are not the only meanings the purple mood ring has. Due the great feelings that it represents, it can also be a trigger for many others like motivation. That’s right. Purple is a great indicator of upcoming upbeat-feelings that will get you off the couch to do amazing things for your love-ones. Because they give you an important purpose that will not make you think twice about what you are planning to do for their best well-being.

The interesting thing about this purple mood ring is that the body is producing enough heat to make the liquid crystals change their position, and show the purple color. But at the same time is not hot enough to display other shades. It’ll be something like, your body is not hot enough to feel anger, and not cold enough to show sadness; it’s in a perfect balance of emotions that help you to feel in complete relaxation.

What does green mean on a mood ring?

Green is a tricky color. That’s why there are some many questions that basically are “What does green mean on a mood ring?” Don’t worry, it doesn’t’ mean you are sick! Actually, the color green is a great color to have on your mood ring. It means you are feeling calmed with your surroundings and in the situation you are in. Besides, you can identify what makes you feel good and what helps you to relax after a stressful day.

Nonetheless, you have to pay attention to the shades that go with the ring. Because if you get a bright green it means there are a lot of light shades of other colors that show you are in a truly energetic state of mind; and your body is giving the enough heat to the liquid crystal to mix the colors. And express your happiness and determination.

Green Mood Ring            However, if you get an amber color in your green mood ring, then various dark shades mixed with the green color, meaning that you have a lot of emotions going on at the moment for the ring to actually tell what you are truly feeling. What is happening in this situation is that the production of heat in your body is somehow abnormal. Thus, once again, I encourage you to think over your situation and get through it in the best emotional state.

But overall, the green mood ring is a good indicator of emotional stability; it will display when your body has an average temperature . And you don’t have to worry about the side effects of negative emotions.

Besides, scientific studies affirm that you must have some time dedicated to relaxation; because it’s like vacations for your body and mind after all the things you go through throughout the day, and your life in general. That’s mostly the reason why meditation, yoga and other activities are so popular. So, if you are not getting this green mood ring enough. Then it’s about time for you to try these ideas to see it in your finger more often!


What does soft blue mean on a mood ring?

The soft blue shades are one of the best colors you can get. Because they mean a positive state of mind; and often they mean happiness and calmness. You are not in a state of relaxation, but you are having a good time still.

When you are feeling like this it means you are comfortable enough in the place you are to actually let your mind wonder around. Or just enjoy your surroundings as they come without giving too many second thoughts to things.

Soft Blue mood Ring

It’s important to clarify that you can get this blue mood ring when you are being social.  You may ask that in that context “what does soft blue mean on a mood ring?” Let’s say you are hanging out with close friends. But the meaning of this shade doesn’t stop there; actually, if you find someone that is interesting for you as a romantic partner. You can get a very light blue that will show you are feeling flirty at the moment.

Thus, the blue mood ring means that you are very comfortable with the people around you. And also that you are feeling very social up to the point where you start being capable of flirting so you can impress the other person.

It’s a fun color to have in your ring; because it means you are fulfilling your needs for social interaction with those who make you feel welcome in their group. Because, we as humans need to interact with other people in order to keep ourselves in check for social skills and sharing our memories and thoughts.

That’s why, it’s so important for you to hang out with those people that make you feel good. And who you can share your personality with! Because they are more fulfilling than just being around strangers or those who don’t make you feel like you belong with them. So, keep enjoying their company and make a mental memo to hang out with those guys more times a week to often rock your blue mood ring.

What does dark blue mean on a mood ring?

If the soft blue ring means calmness, then what does dark blue mean on a mood ring? The dark blue shades on a mood ring mean wonderful emotions like happiness, joy, romanticism and even passion. This often leads to feelings of satisfaction, and positive thoughts that help you to keep on your best mood throughout the day.

Dark Blue Mood Ring

One of the best feelings that a human can feel is plenitude, and these shades are exactly that. That means when you get this color you feel pretty good about where you are, or even with who you are. More likely, you got some good news. Or even you just finished doing something you wanted to    do for a long time!

Surely, many situations can happen for you to feel this way, and the great thing is that you are feeling at your best and showing it to the world. And when it comes to science this means that the liquid crystal twisted to absorb the heat you are giving to the ring to finally show the final color to you dark blue mood ring

Even though I have said that the presence of dark shades are important because they often mean negative feelings. When it comes to the dark blue color on a mood ring, this is not the case when it comes to the dark blue mood ring; because that shade is the default one for the blue wave light.

Make sure to take a mental note about what is making you feel that way. And make sure to do it often to cool off if you feel angry, or when you are feeling bored. Because I ensure you it will come in-handy when you start to experience other emotions; or if you find yourself confused about things you don’t have the control over.

To know what makes you happy gives you an immense power over yourself, and on the way you can control your feelings. So, go ahead and keep in mind the meaning of this dark blue mood ring to make sure you know what brightens up your day.


What does black mean on a mood ring?

Many freak out when they see this color in the mood ring, but, what does black mean on a mood ring? Is it a bad thing? Well, black mood ring can mean two things: when it comes to emotions, it means that you are feeling tired, or stressed about something. It basically shows how harmful can a situation be for you if you don’t set the proper boundaries to keep yourself healthy.

A good reason behind this is that your body is not producing the enough heat to warm the liquid crystals. And thus they will not twist and create different colors. Besides, if you are feeling this way the most likely situation is that you have tense muscles and a poor breathing pattern.

If you have this black mood ring, look for activities where you can relax for a while. And make sure to avoid those situations where you don’t find yourself at your best. Because the goal of this ring is for you to be aware on how you feel and look for clues to keep you in a good mental state.

Black Mood Ring

There’s something key about this black mood ring if a person is wearing it. Because it can show signs of depression; as well towards a situation or someone that triggers a negative emotion in the person who has the ring. It’s very important to pay attention to where you are, and who are with. In order to know why you are feeling that way and what you can do about it. Besides, the frequency of the color black in your mood ring is also important to keep a track of your emotions throughout the day.

Now, the second meaning of this color on your mood ring is its natural color. By this I mean that you are not wearing it; and the temperature in the room is nor cold or hot. Thus, the ring doesn’t perceive enough heat to actually start to absorb wave lights and display a color that adjusts to your mood, or to the climate in the room.

Basically, the mood rings are a great way to know how you feel in many situations, and also to have a fancy accessory that changes its color as often as you start to experiment other emotions. Give a try looking for a design that suits your style. It is definitely worth it and helpful for you to be in touch with yourself, and your body.