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Emma Necklace

Is your name Emma? Are you looking for an awesome Emma Necklace?


The gorgeous name Emma comes from the Germanic word “ermen”, which means “whole” or “universal”. Moreover, this name combines both antique fineness and modernity, which may seem like a complete paradox. Definitely, these two qualities are hard to find in one name. However, this name can sure pull it off. Here are the reasons why:

To start, it was first put into the picture in England by Emma of Normandy, who was the mother of Edward the Confessor, as well as the wife both of King Ethelred II, and later of King Canute.  In like manner, an 11th-century Austrian saint went by the name of Emma. Later, this name became popular in England due to the Norman Conquest.

Additionally, it was used a lot again in the 18th century. In this case, it may be a consequence of Matthew Prior’s popular poem “Henry and Emma” (1709).

In contrast, another popular Emma was the muse of the painter George Romney, who was the inspiration for the marvelous painting called “Lady Hamilton”, and is also said to be the mistress of Lord Nelson. Moreover, the popular writer Jane Austen’s book “Emma” (1816) is another reason why this name has been so popular in the last centuries.

Emma’s popularity nowadays

Furthermore, Emma has ranked as #1 in several websites’ name popularity charts, since it is an antique baby name that is back in style. It came back in 2002, thanks to the TV sitcom Friends, in which the main character Rachel had a daughter called Emma. Ever since, it has been among the most popular names in the US for about four years in a row, claiming the crown in 2017.

This is also due to the fact that some very popular actresses have this name as well, such as Emma Stone, Emma Roberts, and Emma Watson.

Usually, girls that go by the name of Emma are artistic, independent and minded girls. Emma is considered to be fun and a wonderful friend. On the downside, she could be stubborn, but she can also be forgiving and loyal. Additionally, Emmas are very bold and real leaders. They are not willing to take a “no” for an answer.  It is also said that they are daredevil that won’t settle with the most shallow society rules.

All these qualities combined in a name can be the reason why over 17,000 parents chose this beautiful name in 2017.


It’s worth saying that even though Emily and Amelia are considered variants of Emma, they all come from different roots and have different meanings.

Diminutives: Emmy (Dutch), Emmi (Finnish), Emmy (English), Emmie, Em.

Variants: Irma (Ancient Germanic), Ima (Dutch), Ema (Spanish), Emmalyn (English).

Other Languages/Cultures: Ema (Croatian), Ema (Czech), Irma (Georgian), Irma, Irmuska (Hungarian), Irma (Lithuanian), Ema (Portuguese), Ema (Slovak), Ema (Slovene).


Are you looking for an Emma Necklace?

Here, at Suada, we can help you in order to customize a beautiful necklace with your Jacob name. We fabricate several necklace models. You will be able to engrave your name creating a very nice Emma Necklace. We leave you an example if you want to see which type of necklace we make. For example:

Emma Necklace